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About Ruby Slippers Productions

All music on Ruby Slippers Productions has been recorded by top engineers at renowned locations such as Avatar Studios, Capitol Studios, Sear Sound, Power Station/NYC, The Village Studios, and Mad Hatter Studio without overdubs.  All sound is from live acoustic instruments recorded by multi Grammy® award-winning engineers Al Schmitt and others. Recorded music includes shimmering solo piano, cool jazz trio, upbeat jazz quartet, or lively jazz quintet recorded with top musicians. This is music created from the joy and passion of composer, pianist and producer Lisa K. Hilton whose intent is to broaden the awareness of the cultural contributions of women in jazz globally. 


About Lisa Hilton

Laced with a pulsating West Coast cool energy, the award-winning composer and acclaimed pianist Lisa K. Hiltons’, recordings are imbued with subtle historical references from a wide variety of genres and eras, sounding distinctly twenty-first century and uniquely of her own style. Her compositional inspirations do spring from jazz legends Thelonious Monk, Count Basie, Horace Silver and Duke Ellington, but they also include her favorite bluesmen, Muddy Waters and Robert Johnson, touches of minimalism from the likes Steve Reich, rhythmic swatches from modernists such as Prokofiev and Bartok or chords from rockers like The Black Keys or Green Day – they all hold sway in Hilton’s imagination when she composes. Hilton is a prolific composer and performs and records with many of today’s jazz luminaries. Her 26 albums sit regularly at the top of the Jazz Week and other radio/streaming charts for the last two decades, drawing over a half million streams on Apple Music, almost a million streams on Spotify, and three million streams on Pandora. As a soloist, or with her trio, quartet or quintet, Hilton has performed at venues such as Carnegie Hall, San Francisco Jazz, The Smithsonian Institution, and The Dorothy Chandler Theater.

Rochester City Newspaper

“Lisa Hilton is a great songwriter, and there is no doubt that Hilton is a superb jazz pianist.  Like Monk and Brubeck, Hilton’s tunes have a distinct style to them."

About The Author

Lisa Kristine Hilton is a non-fiction American author.  She is the creator and co-author of the popular children’s book, If Dinosaurs Were Alive Today (Price Stern Sloan), which she wrote with her sister, Sandra L. Kirkpatrick with illustrations by Randy Chewning. The book was recently updated and published as a digital version by the same name by Ruby Slippers Productions and is available on iTunes as: ISBN – 9781667857428 or Kindle


As a music publisher as well as a writer and musician Hilton has a clear perspective on women in jazz. Hilton notes on her website:  “Women have always had tremendous talents and made cultural contributions and we should be able to experience their artistic views as composers, bandleaders, and instrumentalists more often."

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