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Excellence in music publishing since 1997

Ruby Slippers Productions is the record label founded by the award-winning composer and acclaimed pianist Lisa K. Hilton. Ruby Slippers Productions has produced over twenty-five albums of original instrumental music and cover song arrangements and is connected with the music publishing company Lisa Hilton Music®. Music from Ruby Slippers Productions appears annually in the top tier of Jazz Week and ZMR charts for over a decade, sits astride the #1 Amazon New Release annually, and receives numerous positive reviews from members of the media, radio, and podcast cultures.  It has also received millions of streams on playlists and radio worldwide.

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With around 300 recorded instrumental tracks there should be something that fits your creative need. Whether it is for distribution in your territory, a creative project such as a podcast, film, documentary, or commercial, or if you are looking for a track license for an album collection, a sheet music licensing pdf or publishing connection, Ruby Slippers Productions has something to offer you.

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